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Easy step-by-step guides to learn more about FreeAgent CRM features

  • Profile

    From pairing your phone number, to calendar integrations, to personalizing your own account.

  • Settings

    Complete freedom to work the way you want. Customizations, team management, importing and exporting, and more.

  • Customizations

    Customize a little or customize a lot. How to effortlessly create custom tabs, fields, stages, and way more.

  • Leads

    Sometimes called Contacts. We cover import, lead assignment, and connecting leads with accounts.

  • Companies

    Sometimes called Accounts. Effortlessly add, edit, delete, and learn about bulk edit and saved views, too.

  • Deals

    Better customer relationships means you'll be adding and managing a lot more deals. Learn about that here.

  • Email

    Everything email! Pairing your email, sending and receiving, using templates, and your custom email signature.

  • Reports

    Create and share custom reports, and save them as widgets in your custom dashboard to always see what's important to ...

  • Next Steps

    Your automatically created to-do list, under your full control: Learn to add, edit, automate, and mark as done.

  • Mobile Apps

    Our full-featured mobile app works just as easy as the desktop version. Learn how to use it to work anywhere, anytime.