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Easy step-by-step guides to learn more about FreeAgent CRM features

  • FreeAgent Banyan

    FreeAgent Banyan is the 4th major release of FreeAgent CRM. Discover the latest innovations here.

  • Releases

    Learn more about FreeAgent's newest features.

  • Getting Started

    An overview of FreeAgent CRM, first login, concepts, navigation, and more.

  • Apps

    From creating new records in any app to updating them, learn how to make bulk edits among other things.

  • Reporting

    Learn to create beautiful and powerful Dashboards thanks to our one of a kind reporting engine.

  • Activities

    Review your email analytics and work with Tasks to take your CRM-ing to the next level.

  • Settings

    FreeAgent CRM your way! Find everything you need to customize your FreeAgent CRM account.

  • Admin Settings

    All you need to know to customize FreeAgent CRM and take your business to new heights.

  • Mobile Apps

    Our full-featured mobile app works just as easy as the desktop version. Learn how to use it to work anywhere, anytime.

  • FAQ

    Our most frequently asked questions will give you useful insights on how to use FreeAgent CRM.

  • Webinars

    Here you can review all the Webinars, read the summary, play the videos and review the answers to the questions asked...